The semantic approach does not say anything!In fact, the terms as such have no meaning,it is the context i.e. the properties and the relationsbetween these terms which are founders of meaning.

Rene Magritte and "Ferdinand de Saussure" deconstruction !

Painter of metaphysics and surrealism, Magritte treated “the obviousness’s” with a corrosive humor, way of sapping the base of things and spirit of serious. He slipped between objects and their representation, images and words. The painting of Magritte wonders on its own nature, and the action of the painter on the image. Its mode of representation, which appears voluntarily neutral, academic, highlights a powerful work of deconstruction of the relations between the things in reality, a true intellectual dialectic that Friedrich Hegel would not have repudiated.

Ceci n’est pas une Pipe - René Magritte

Its paintings exploit the shift between an object and its representation. For example, one of its most famous is an image of pipe under which figure the text “This is not a pipe” (the Treason of the images, 1928-29). It acts by way of considering the object as a concrete reality and not in function of an abstract and arbitrary term.

So we can also deduce that Magritte was a fine linguist in the spirit of de Saussure.  Indeed, the fundamental idea of de Saussure is that the language is a closed system of signs. The relation between a sign (data) and the meaning (information) is purely arbitrary! Any sign is defined compared to others, by pure difference (negatively), and not by its particular characteristics (“positive”) in a dedicated process. To transform a data in an information, it is necessary to have a syntax and a grammar, and ultimately, it is the culture that gives the meaning!

The semantic approach does not say anything else! In fact, the terms as such have no meaning, it is the context i.e. the properties and the relations between these terms which are founders of meaning. The semantic Web created interpretable languages by machines on this basis resulting from the cognitive sciences.  There is reduction of the distance between a human and a machine approach with for the latter the capacity treating million data in record time.