Prior to this project, some partners had developeda common culture within projects introduced at localor European level.These collaborative projects (MEMORIES, MediaMap)allowed the maturation of the MediaMap+ project.At a technical level, such basis of common methodologieswill be valuable and allow efficient collaborationbetween software development teams


The partners in the consortium represent a carefully selection of solution providers with a clear view on the economical return of the project (Perfect Memory, Limecraft, SGT-Vivesta and Kendra Initiative), business users (Radio France - RTBF) and parties that represent the business in a larger context (Titan, EBU, Kane Consulting). Of these industrial partners, Perfect Memory and Limecraft are two technology start-ups that intend to accelerate their go-to-market strategy in the slipstream of SGT, to established technology providers.

Based on their current lines of business, on results of earlier research efforts or at least based the track record of its founders, the consortium on its own represents a vast technological background. Yet it is still a very complementary team where each member of the consortium acknowledges that it is beneficiary to create a system based on individual components that are developed and maintained by specialised technology suppliers, which is the key to making this project a success.

The core semantic repository has been built on the “Semantic middleware” architecture of Perfect Memory. The new version has integrated solid methods for representing rights attached to media assets via profiles, laying out the basis for a scalable solution to represent arbitrarily large number of items, actors and rights. The core business logic of "Right Management" has been based on ISO/MPEG 21 (Part 19-20-21).

Given its background in conventional media production and having acquired the license to create integrated search solutions based on the original work of VRT-medialab, Limecraft will built a library of interfaces on top of the core repository, through which all functional applications can consistently access the information contained by the repository.

Given its original intention of managing large archives of user-generated content, Perfect Memory had been introduced to the professional media production business through the MediaMap project. Extending their existing business, they will now build a library of integrated services to efficiently manage rights and production processes, which will be eventually ported to their original area of interest.

In terms of multi-channel delivery (360° publishing) a prototype has been deployed by SGT/Limecraft/Perfect-Memory.

Apart from their capacity to deliver, different partners in this consortium are excellently connected in a broad international network of industry associations and research facilities, including EBU, Kane Consulting as well as Limecraft and Perfect Memory. These valuable connections will be required to efficiently manage the envisaged standardization processes.