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Front Porch Digital is the global worldwide leader in content storage management (CSM) solutions. With the 2008 acquisition of SAMMA Systems, it is now the global leader in the migration and preservation of videotape to digital files as well. Having merged operations with SAMMA, Front Porch provides an end-to-end solution for cost-effectively digitizing, accessing, and preserving media past, present, and future.

As a founding member of the AXF SMPTE 2006 committee, Front Porch Digital is firmly committed to work on open standards. Front Porch Digital’ is the company that was at the initiative of the proposed AXF wrapping standard. AXF has been based on a concept of agnostic encapsulation types of files and audio-video content stored or processed on any computer file system, system operators and storage technologies to make out of AXF a truly open format. It implements in fact an explicit architectural approach of the OAIS, the famous ISO standard, organizing the persistent of storage. AXF has been proven as particularly compatible with the super-advanced technologies of IBM,HP LTO-5 and Oracle T10000C. Front Porch Digital has implemented AXF in its DIVArchive V7.0 offer. Other suppliers are invited to expand their offers to cover imports and exports in accordance with the AXF format, they will access to its specifications in open license.

Front Porch Digital
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