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United Kingdom
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Research Institutes
Kendra Initiative(hosted by Kendra Foundation) is an international media, technology, academic and industry alliance. Its mission is to foster an open distributed marketplace for digital media.

The initiative researches, recommends and develops enhancements to the digital media marketplace that facilitate interoperability between and revenue generation for content owners and service providers; to enable consumers to use any device or application to browse, search and purchase content from any content catalogue, seamlessly.

The cross-industry stakeholder group is currently investigating interoperability across content description, search, visibility, discovery, delivery, payment and interface functionality whilst developing and trialing prototypes.

  • Kendra Hub, a Media Asset/Content Management, Semantic Syndication/Promotion and Commerce Tool, is in incubation.
  • Previous research has included Kendra Base, investigating how complex, non-normalised and distributed media databases could be searched and harmonious results obtained using semantic web type technologies.

Kendra Foundation is a non-profit company limited by guarentee (company number: 4643358), registered to host Kendra Initiative.

United Kingdom

Daniel Harris

Daniel Harris is an entrepreneur and Internet content expert. He is currently leading an initiative, which he founded in 1999, to promote an open content marketplace for the Internet, called Kendra.

Klokie Grossfeld

Klokie Grossfeld is an entrepreneur, senior web developer, information architect, and musician with 13 years of professional experience engineering complex database-driven websites, e-commerce, content management systems, and standards-based user interfaces for premier international clients.

Neil Harris

Neil Harris has designed a wide variety of technical and software solutions in a range of fields including the film, TV and telecommunications industry.