Perfect Memory

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Perfect Memory provides a platform for the digitization,the indexation, the preservation and the sharingof multimedia archives.

Perfect Memory innovates in automatic editorial processing of the content. This specific treatment of the content eases the access and the management of the multimedia assets.

The MediaMap project has helped Perfect Memory to develop a new editorial processing module that enables an automatic editing of the content based on a semantic description, structure and library of editing scenarios. Perfect Memory has also developed a contextualized semantic browsing tool: a semantic player, with inferences in and out in the multimedia content.

Perfect Memory is member of the FNTC (Fédération Nationale des Tiers de Confiance) that defines and maintain numeric label like “numeric safe”. We are also defining a “preservation” label to identify real preservation solutions for archives.
Perfect Memory is member of an important research pole and is labeled JEI (Young Innovative Company) by the French government.

Perfect Memory
Place Saint Antoine 3
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