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RTBF is the TV and radio state owned broadcasterof the French Community of Belgium.

RTBF has a total staff of 2200, including 540 for radio. RTBF broadcast 4 TV channels (La Une, La Deux, la Trois, and Arte Belgique) and 6 radio channels (La Première, Classic21, Musiq3, Vivacité, Pure FM, RTBF International).

On the European level RTBF is an active member of the EBU (since the start), and is a founder of Euronews. On the international level, RTBF is member of the CIRTEF (Conseil International des Radios et Télévisions d’Expression Française) since 1973, and is also founder and involved the management of TV5 international since the start in 1984.

RTBF produce internally all genres (news, live sport, feature, shows, series, documentaries, magazines). The aim is to produce (or co-produce) 7 hours of original programs every day. To reach this important level of original production, RTBF has implemented a new digital production (a DAM/MAM with an ESB/SOA architecture). The main issue for RTF is to upgrade this architecture and run the global system from a dynamic semantic point of view

RTBF as content provider is aware of the current and future usages. Compiling all the people slills in all the tasks of the audiovisual production, RTBF wants to be able to imagine the best requirements of the future services waited by users!

Boulevard Reyers 52
1044 Bruxelles

Roger Roberts

Roger Roberts joined RTBF as Tv Director in 1984 and in 2003 he took over as Head of Cultural Facilities. He was the Belgian coordinator of the “MediaMap” project. He is currently Chairman of the board of TITAN.

Michel Pirlot

Michel Pirlot joined RTBF in 1974 where he was technical director for TV equipment. Since 2003, he joined the IT department. Nowadays, he is also working for Sonuma to digitize, preserve and exploit radio and video archives.