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With 20 years of experience in broadcasting, SGT is a leading global software vendor providing innovative solutions for the broadcast and media industries.

More than 300 TV channels worldwide use SGT’s award-winning software suite, VEDA™, such as Arte, BeTV (Belgium), Canal +, EPTV (Algeria), Eurosport, France Télévisions, M6, ProfMedia (Russia), RTBF (Belgium), RTL, SBS (Netherlands), SWR (Germany), TF1 (France), RTS (Switzerland), TV5 Monde.  The solution based on a service-oriented architecture (SOA) features high flexibility and modularity offering seamless integration into each client’s environment. The company was founded in 1990 in France. Today, 50% of its business is generated outside of France.

SGT and Vivesta provide highly complementary solutions. With the larger and more comprehensive product offering, the combined entity SGT-Vivesta has been able to significantly expand its market reach:

  • SGT´s VEDA software suite for workflow automation is an innovative solution for video content management (MAM) and linear and non-linear playout automation. VEDA is based on Microsoft technology and mainly addresses high-end markets.
  • With MediaFlow, Vivesta offers a play automation, a media asset management and media business management solution for TV channels and VOD. MediaFlow is based on Linux and open source (LAMP stack) technologies and is primarily targeting mid/upper-range markets.
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Jean-Marc Rognard

Jean-Marc Rognard graduated from Centrale Nantes, joined SGT in 1993. In the role as product architect, he’s currently responsible for the architecture of VEDA products, especially for the Media Asset Management product line.

Yves Breton

Yves Breton joined SGT in 1996. In the role as software architect, he is currently responsible for the architecture and development of VEDA Back Office : SOA services, Interfaces, BDD architecture.